T.S.Lynx Marching Band

No musical experience is necessary. All levels and novices welcome. The bands primary goal is to have fun!

This web page is intended for all band members of Dover's Sea Cadet Band who wishes to download the music files for play back on their own computer for practicing at home.

Most of the files below are aimed at the Lyre players, however some of the drummers may find the playback useful for getting to know the tunes and there is now some bugle practice sheets.

Download and install the Musescore program. Then download whichever tune you wish to practice.

Open the Musescore program then open the file that you downloaded. You can begin the playback by pressing 'play' at the top of the screen.

1. Download and install the Musescore program
     (click here).

TECH TIPS for Musescore:

Not sure what this all is? Think of Musecore like a word processing program like "Microsoft Word", and think of the Musescore files as "Word Docs". You can open, view or edit existing files. If you feel like getting more involved, you can create new files too.

Hit 'F11' when the program is running to open the "Play Panel". On the play panel, you can adjust the volume and tempo of the files that you have loaded.

If you edit a file by accident and all of a sudden it just sounds wrong. Delete the file and re-download the original from this web page.

If you are musically inclined and wish to help create new Musescore files by manual entry, drop me a line via Facebook or see me on a unit night. If there is enough interest, I will try to arrange training to use this software to better advantage.

Good luck and have fun!

Musescore is open source (free to use) software


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Downloading these arrangements is only permitted with authorisation.
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